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Here is a totally cool product that can help keep your fruit room organized. (
As many of you may know, the Harvest 72″ is one of our favorite products here at Shelf Reliance.harvest 72 240×300 Free on Friday: Bringing In the Harvest!It’s a beautiful thing. The unique first in – first out design will cut down on expired food and, therefore, wasted money. The Harvest means less mess, less hassle, and fewer bruises from cans that fall all over the place if you look at them the wrong way. And the best part of all?

One of you lucky souls will be given a Harvest 72″ on Shelf Reliance’s dime. No cost to you. No strings. No joke.

This giveaway is the first installment of a new feature here on the blog. We’re calling it “Free on Friday,” and it’s exactly what it sounds like! We’ll be offering new giveaways every two weeks, and the fortunate winners will be announced on Fridays.

I won’t keep you waiting any longer. Here’s how the Harvest giveaway will work:

Anyone who comments on this blog entry will be entered to win the Harvest 72″. Each comment counts as a separate entry. The winner will be chosen at noon (Mountain Time Zone) on Friday, June 26th, so get your comments in before then!

You are eligible for up to 5 entries.

(1) The 1st entry is easy as pie! Just leave your first and last name in a comment on this blog post.

(2) The 2nd entry is earned by signing up to receive the Shelf Reliance newsletter. The newsletter is one of the best ways to stay up-to-date with all that Shelf Reliance has to offer, including sales, promotions, new products, and online tools. Receiving the newsletter is as easy as entering your e-mail address in the indicated box at When you’ve done that, leave a comment on this blog post. This comment should include your first and last name, along with something like, “I signed up for the newsletter.” If you already receive the Shelf Reliance newsletter, leave a comment with your name and something like, “I already receive the newsletter.”

(3) The 3rd entry is earned by becoming a follower of the Shelf Reliance channel on YouTube. This channel has so many videos showing you how to make delicious and creative recipes from your food storage, and our chefs will be adding even more in the months to come! Simply go to and click on the shiny yellow “Subscribe” button. Then leave a comment on this blog post. This comment should include your first and last name, along with something like, “I’m following you on YouTube!” If you’re already subscribed to the channel, leave a comment with your name and something like, “I already follow the Shelf Reliance channel.”

(4) The 4th entry is earned by writing a blog post about this giveaway on another blog, whether it be a personal blog, a family blog, a business – whatever! Just include a few sentences about the giveaway, along with a link back to the Shelf Reliance blog. In this comment, you’ll need to leave your name and the URL address of your post.

(5) The 5th entry is earned by becoming a fan of Shelf Reliance through Facebook. Our Facebook page is a great place to read unique company news, network with other food storage & emergency preparedness enthusiasts, and – perhaps best of all – discover promotions that are only available through Facebook. To find the fan page, simply search for Shelf Reliance in the search bar on Facebook or click here. Once you’re a fan, leave a comment on this blog post. This comment should have your name and something along the lines of, “I’m a fan on Facebook.” And – you guessed it – if you’re already a Facebook fan, the comment should include your name and something like, “I was already a fan on Facebook!”

Remember, each of the five comments counts as a separate entry. If you just leave one comment that says you’ve done all five things, you’ll only be entered to win once, so be careful about that! Also, you don’t need to do all five things in numerical order (for example, you could just do options 1 & 3 if you wanted). The winner will be chosen randomly, and we’ll be certain to verify that the winning entry is legitimate and fair. Any entries that aren’t in accordance with the giveaway rules will be disqualified and removed.

If you don’t win this time around, don’t sweat it! Every two weeks, we’ll bring you a new chance to win a great prize. Check back often or subscribe to the Shelf Reliance blog by using the buttons on the right side of this page.

So get blogging, get clicking, get commenting! We’re just itching to give this Harvest 72″ away!


2 Responses to “Shelfreliance – get you some of this”

  1. 1 Kianna Bogard January 4, 2012 at 1:09 am

    Major thankies for the blog post.Thanks Again. Great.

  2. 2 Taren Hickling February 18, 2012 at 4:19 pm

    Interesting description. I enjoy make out the print Marcy Lu

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