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If Wendy can’t convince you I doubt I can because I’m not nearly as eloquent as she is, but, give FireFox a try.

I was on IE7 and started having some buggy problems with my laptop.  After spending a couple of hours [!] on the phone with Tech “Support”  they said – it must be the program [!].  “HA” says I, they are just trying to blame someone else, this is IEfreaking7 its the backbone of today’s surfing environment!  I’ll try their lame excuse suggestion, switch to Firefox, have the same issues then throw it right back in their face when I have to call back!

Problem is, it’s been 2 weeks and I haven’t had to call back… as a matter of fact, the only differences between now and 2 weeks ago is that

  1. I like the interface [slightly] more and
  2. (…wait for it…)

Warning:Public Education rant

I’ll keep this short and sweet, but I’ve just GOT to vent somewhere, so…

Lately I’ve gotten to missing the good old days of teaching at a Junior High and was thinking I might like to try substitute teaching one or two days a month/quarter just to mix things up a bit. So I call the local school district and get some details from them when I hear this little gem… “with your qualifications, you would be paid about 52 dollars a day.”

…[Stunned] silence from me, expecting Sally Struthers to come on the line and tell me how “just $52/day can feed a family of 8 and provide much needed medical care…

“That’s ‘a day’?!?” I say.

“Yes” is the simply reply.

“Did I mention that I have a Masters degree in Instructional Technology and taught as a Regular Full Time certified teacher in this state for two years?”

“Yes, you mentioned that”

“Did also I mention that I taught high school in a foreign country and have been a designing, developing and delivering instruction for a multi-billion dollar international corporation since then?”

“Uh, yes, you mentioned that as well.”

“Alrighty then, let me consider my options and I’ll get back to you.” *click*

…Wow…. I mean, just, wow…

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, let me place before you the facts;

  1. the local school district begins the school day at 7:45AM and ends at 2:15PM
  2. this requires [substitute] teachers to be there, at the ABSOLUTE BARE MINIMUM, from 7:30AM until 2:30PM resulting in a 7 hour work day.
  3. this leads to the mind-boggling calculation of …drum roll please… $7.14 per hour to safeguard the future leaders of America.
  4. Don’t try to pull any “they get their summers off” junk out of your hat – that’s PER HOUR, not per year.

Unconscionable. Reprehensible. Unacceptable. And, ultimately, not surprising. I can’t even type the words without getting frustrated and angry and sad all at the same time.

If this is a topic that interests you, leave a comment and we can talk about it more but I just don’t have it in me to even think about what this implies about how we “value” education any more.

Wow. A whole month

It’s been a whole month since I bothered to write anything… not that I haven’t learned anything new or had anything to write about, as a matter of fact I’ve thought 4 or 5 times “hey, I should blog about that” as I’ve been scanning Bloglines and life in general… Hmmmm interesting blogging dynamic….

This I couldn’t resist, however…

Synthetic happiness

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