The Big Question

Per Tony’s suggestion, let’s take it for a spin… 

What will you remember most about 2006?
Definitely as the year of change!   I’ve been re-invigorated professionally, we adding another daughter to our family, a major plus in getting laid off and that acting as the kick start for me to stop talking about starting my own business and actually making it happen, finding out about Partners in Leadership and their Oz Principle, Second Life, wikis, and RSS and informal learning sticking, and, oh yeah, I started a blog 😉 .

What are the biggest challenges for you/us as head into 2007?
Converting “potential” to reality. In a related but kind of disconnected way, Bill Simons talked about this just today. As I alluded to in the previous paragraph, from my perspective there was a lot of change and wide[r] spread introduction of some “Learning 2.0” type concepts. Right now I would have to say that they sound great and all of that but I want to see the money. I want to see these ideas implemented and the power of the concept become the power of their impact and it’s been my experience that (the vast majority of?) things don’t live up to their hype.  Gaining widespread adoption of “Learning 2.0” technologies is going to be a major challenge – as it is with all “emerging” technology.

What are your predictions for 2007?
This one is probably best left to those far more qualified than me.  I do think that we are very, very close to the tipping point for a lot of technologies that are going to radically alter way training and education are done so I feel comfortable predicting lot of growth and discovery – whether we like it or not.


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