In like Flynn. Flin? Flynne? Flinn?

Some kind words from Brent.  I would have to argue that I wasn’t screaming, but since it has taken me ~1 year to finally make the plunge since hearing about “Learning 2.0” last year I would have to agree with kicking, and, with “the goodness of all most things Web2.0″ 😉

As for my Second Life entry issues, let’s just say this; if you ever contact your ISP’s “Customer Service” and the agent/rep/associate/peon/whatever says “…no, we don’t block any ports, but I’m going to document your issue and have our 2nd level support team double check to see what else the problem may be”.  Then you can rest assured that what that person meant to say was “…no, I have no idea what you’re talking about and I’m not able to randomly stumble across a related entry in our database of canned documentation during the 20 minutes of your time I’ve just wasted.  I’ll have to find the one person in our center that has your answer (the guy with the Klingon t-shrit, not the guy with the Romulan one) and then that person will call you back to solve your problem in 3 minutes.”

At that point you can groan and say…  “why don’t you guys find a way for the guy in the Klingon t-shirt to contribute/edit/update your database real time, stick a smart search engine on it or at least have everyone in the center keep an eye on an IM window?”

I would be willing to bet that if I called tomorrow with the exact same question and got the exact same guy (probably in the exact same “Spock Lives” t-shirt) I would get the exact same answer “… our 2nd level support team will contact you shortly.”

Quick story about the unexpected hazards of the “new” web.  Once I finally got into SL last night, I was messing around with how I appear and all of my [small]  children gathered around “…cool…  awesome… are all of those other people real live people too?… can you shoot them?”  I was struggling with the interface and clicked on “Take Off” once by accident.  Before I could figure out how to replace what I had removed, my wife in comes and asks what all the excitement is about.  My 4 year old replies, very-matter-of-factly, “oh, Daddy got his new program to work so now he’s running around the Internet with no pants on.”

Maybe the “new” web isn’t so different from the “old” one.

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