L2K6 Wrap Up

So, here I am at home again and trying to catch my breath after another GREAT conference.

Bottome line, what the last four days have really emphasized for me is the need for learning professionals to facilitate communication.  Whether it’s through a blog, wiki, virtual environment, or virtual/traditional classroom.  Training has really become, to me at least, about structuring and formally “packaging” (for lack of a better term) communication.  Some factors o’ effectiveness, off the top of my head… in no particular order… probably not very well defined… someone has probably already generated a list like this…

  • Clarity (of the message)
  • Purpose (why am I hearing/seeing this)
  • Accessability (how do I get to it then ease of navigation)
  • Interactivity (engagement that makes me feel heard and participatory)
  • Applicability (after this experience is done, what does it mean to ME)
  • There is probably more, but this is all that comes to mind right now 😦

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